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What is the difference between the Digital Menu subscription plans?
What is the difference between the Digital Menu subscription plans?

Basic, Pro, Advanced and Premium what are the differences between them?

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FineDine Digital Menu subscriptions consist of 3 main plans and four different packs.

Digital Menu Plans:

  • Lite Plan: This plan allows the menu to be displayed through QR codes with an item limitation of 80 items.

  • Welcome Plan: This is the best plan to start your digital menu experience with unlimited menus and item display options and the ability to add different packs that enrich the experience for you and for the customers.

  • Service Pro Plan: This plan includes the welcome plan functionality of the Digital menu along with the possibility of taking reservationsfrom your online menu.

  • Enterprise Plan: This is a customized plan tailored specifically to the customer's needs. Our sales team will be able to discuss details that will result in a special price offer that is only for your requirements.

Check here for a comparison between the plans.

Additional Packs:

  • Boost Pack: Allows maximizing the benefit you can get from the system when used to only display the menu by enabling the ability to add recommended items, multiple language display, Feedback collection from customers, customized Welcome screen for the QR menu, and social media links shortcut display from the menu directly.

  • Marketing Pack: This pack is great for allowing engagement, providing the ability for the customers to leave their impression of the food they ordered directly from the menu, and recording a customer database that can be used for targeted email/SMS marketing. (Use this pack with the ordering pack to maximize the benefits provided)

  • Ordering Pack: With this pack, it would be possible to take dine-in orders from the menu through QR codes or Tablet devices, or to take Delivery/pick-up orders from outside the outlet. This pack also provides the ability to benefit from our AI system that recognizes customer behavior and determines great recommendations for some of your items to maximize sales and increase profit. See more

  • Management Pack: This pack allows the creation of different users with different access in the system as well as the possibility to modify all the prices of your menu with a few simple steps.

Note: These packs are not available for the Lite plan

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