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Interact with your customers to build a long lasting profiting relationship.

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The engagement page collection on the dashboard includes tools that will help you communicate with your customers in a way that will insure a long lasting relationship and build the trust between them and your business in a way that will ensure their satisfaction and maximize the communication.

Below we will talk about each part of the engagement tool.

  • Customers: A record of your customers' information, combined with an insight of their activities on your menu to allow you identfing and categorizing them according to your own segmentation or with the help of our AI system. Read More.

  • In-App Promotions: Inform your customers about your special offers or direct them to buy a ticket online. The in app promotion is a great tool to engage with your customers and keep them up to date about your events and your offers. Create your first promotion.

  • Promo Codes: Generate discount codes that encourage customers to make purchases on your FineDine digital menu and get them to come back for more. Learn how to create them now.

Engagement settings

User Profile

Manage how your customers interact with your menu. By allowing them to create user profiles they will be able to create accounts on your menu and interact with your items/Get updates on their submitted orders/ Manage their reservations and many more benefits from having their own profile on your menu.

Item Like

Encourage your guests to engage with their favorite menu items by clicking the heart icon. Whether on the item detail page or the homepage, this simple action allows diners to express their love for your culinary creations.

The more likes you collect the better experience your future customers will have. Your most liked items will be displayed separately, allowing your new visitors to try your best and most loved items and become loyal customers.

Item Review

Allow your guests to review and rate your menu items, enhancing overall engagement and interaction. The reviews you collect will not be visible to other customers unless you approve it. However, with the "Instant reviews" feature enabled, you will be able to set the system to automatically publish all reviews that have 3 stars or higher.

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