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How to Display Recommended Items on the Menu?
How to Display Recommended Items on the Menu?

Sell more by having your menu promote pairings to your guests

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Promote your items with the ones that go best with them!

To display your pairings, offers, and recommendations, you can use the Recommended Items feature of the FineDine Menu. It is possible to have endless suggestions for all the items on your menu.

To add recommended items to your menu:

  1. Get in to the item that you would like to add recommendations

  2. Start typing what you want to recommend and select it from the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose as many as you like and click save when you're done!

Adding a Recommended Item

Recommended items are displayed at the bottom of each item detail page. Also the offers will appear inside the cart to encourage purchase if you have Ordering Feature enabled.

Recommended Items on Tablet Menu

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