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FineDine Solutions (Cost & Products)
FineDine Solutions (Cost & Products)

What are the prices and payment methods? What is included in a subscription? Is it a one-time payment?

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FineDine system offers digital menu solutions consisting of the 3 main plans (Base, Essentials, and Premium plan) that allow you to share your menu with your customers through QR Codes or Tablet devices handed over to them when they visit your facility. The availability of 3 different plans allows you to choose the one that is most suitable for your operation, from taking feedback and displaying your menu in multiple languages with the Essentials plan or increasing the engagement and communication with your customers and making use of our AI and CRM system through the Premium plan. In addition, extra packages and ad-ons are available for you to activate that offer core features that will be valuable for the customer experience like taking Orders and Payments from the menu or taking Reservations.

Orders taken from the menu can be divided into two main categories: Dine-in orders and Delivery/Pick-up orders.

Dine-in Orders using Tablet devices

The tablet menu is the best for customers who wish to browse the menu on large screens, make the font bigger, enjoy the beautiful pictures of your dishes, and directly order from the tablet.

Dine-in Orders using QR Codes

Using special QR codes that are placed on your tables or in your hotel rooms, your customers will be able to view your menu and submit their desired orders seamlessly from their own phones.

Delivery/Pick-up Orders using QR codes or Web links

Share your menu link on your social media, or attach a QR code with all your delivery orders to allow the customers to access your menu and send your orders that you can deliver directly to their address or they can pick up from your outlet.

The plans and packages can be activated on a monthly or annual payment basis. However, with annual subscriptions, you always benefit from a 20% discount compared to the monthly payment plan. Please take a look at the prices on our pricing page.

The plans and packages include a limited quota for the number of tablet devices you can connect, the number of tables you can generate in the system, or the number of Delivery/Pick-up orders you can collect from the menu. Suppose you want a customized quotation like additional tablets, a higher number of tables, or higher-order limits. In that case, please feel free to reach out to our sales team.

*Tablets are not included in the prices as FineDine does not provide hardware.

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