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Design the menu landing page for maximum accessibility and optimized user experience.

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This page allows modifying the landing page of your menu (The first screen the customers see when they enter your menu). The settings on this page are intended for your QR Menu (Dine in and Delivery&Pick up) and for the Tablet menu.

QR Menu (Dine in or Delivery&Pick up) Settings:

  • Display Venue: You can hide or show the name of your venue on the welcome page. (Example: "Luna Pizzeria" is the Venu name in below photo)

  • Welcome Message: This option allows you to show your customers a welcome message on the first page of your menu. Always remember to save the message after you make a revision. (Example: "Fresh. Healthy. Delicious" sentence in the below photo)

  • Custom Landing Page: This section will allow you to upload a special photo of your choice to be the first page the customer will see when they scan the menu from the QR code.

Tablet Menu Settings

Tell the story of your restaurant and show it on your tablet menu so that your customers can share your passion with every dish they order.

Once you are inside the “info page” tab, you can place a title and a description of your establishment. You also have the option to set a background image behind your description for a more immersive experience for your page reader. Once you have placed all the information that you wish to display, make sure to click on the Save button to publish your work.

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