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The Feedback feature allows you to collect instant and valuable feedback from your guests, which you can use to improve your service and business.

Start creating one right now!


To collect feedback from your guests on the system:

  • Switch to Feedbacks tab on the Dashboard

  • Go to the Forms tab

  • Click to "Create a Form" button to assemble your own survey!

*The four question types you can use are: Text, Smiley, Rating and Yes/No questions.

Feedback form can easily be reached by your customers:

  • for Dine-In QR and Delivery & Pick-Up Menus

Feedback for QR Mobile Menu
  • for Tablet Menu

Feedbacks for Tablet Menu


All received forms can be seen and even can be imported as a CSV file under the "Feedback" tab.

You can also enter the email addresses that will receive the feedback results here.

  • Go to your product tab; Dine-In QR Menu, Delivery/Pick-Up, Tablet Menu

  • Click to the Feedback Settings

  • Type in the mail address which will receive the forms.

You may easily edit an existing form from the Forms tab.

Where you can edit your questions and change the name of your form by the Settings button.

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