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Is it Possible to Use my Tablet Menu Offline?
Is it Possible to Use my Tablet Menu Offline?

Using your Tablet Menus without an Internet Connection

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The menu can be viewed offline only by using the Tablet Menu App of FineDine.

In order to upload your menu to your tablets for the first time; you need an internet connection.

After you've logged in once, you can use your menu offline till the next time you will need to update your menu!

*Keep in mind that if you prefer to use your menus offline, the Order and Feedback features will not work as they require an active internet connection

*Please note that the tablet menu collects the data of customer behavior such as items viewed which will be accumulated on the tablet device and then sent to the database once there is an internet connection so these data can be used in the reports page to show you which dishes are most preferred by your customers

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