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How to Log in / Log out from your Tablet?
How to Log in / Log out from your Tablet?

Setting up your tablets for the first time

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In order to Log in to your Tablet:

1 - Download the FineDine Menu App

Instructions to Download for iPads

  • Open App Store in iPad

  • Go to Search and type FineDine Tablet Menu App

  • Click GET

Instructions to Download for Android Devices

  • Open Google Play Store in Android device

  • Go to Search and type Finedine Tablet Menu for Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

  • Click INSTALL

2 - Log in with either your Venue ID & Pincode or just scan the QR Code

both can be found on your Dashboard easily

In order to Log out from your Tablet:

  • Simply tap 3 times on the FineDine logo at the bottom

  • Enter your pin code to confirm your decision

  • Click to "Venue Profile '' then you can choose to log out from the menu.

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