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What is the "Reports" tab for?
What is the "Reports" tab for?

A brief description of the "Reports" tab in your dashboard

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The “Reports” tab of your dashboard gives you an overview of the day-to-day operation of your establishment through numbers, graphs, and lists. Enjoy a personalized way to see the range of dates on your reports. Depending on your need, you can do it daily, weekly, monthly, or on a custom date of your choosing. The “Reports” tab shows the following:


  • Revenue: This shows the revenue

  • Orders: This shows the number of orders

  • Tip: The total amount of tips collected from customers as they send orders from the digital menu.

  • Items Served: This shows the number of items served

  • Average Order Size: This shows the average ticket size of the submitted orders

  • Sessions: This shows the number of sessions you have

  • Feedback: Shows the number of customer feedback

  • Customers: This shows the number of customers

  • Best Day: The day that marked the highest order submissions from the menu

  • Requested Service: The total amount of Service Requests submitted from the menu.


  • Order Types -There are three order types: dine-in, pick-up, and delivery. This graph enumerates how many orders are under each type and gives you the total number of orders for all three.

  • Revenue- This graph shows the revenue per order type and the total revenue of all three types.

  • Visitor Density- This graph shows the number of visits your menu has per day at specific hours of the day.

  • Revenue Share by Section - This shows the total revenue a specific section of your menu has generated.

  • Revenue Share by Items: This shows the total revenue a specific item in your menu has generated.

  • Average Feedback Rate: Give information about the average rating the customers are leaving with the submitted feedback forms

  • Item Success: A funnel graphs shows the total of the items viewed (Item Click Count) vs the number of items that were added to the cart, and the number of items that were actually submitted in the orders sent from the menu.

  • Delivery Heat Map: Your delivery orders's address of where they were submitted from. The graphs shows the density according to the area of where the customer submited the delivery orders from.


  • Top Cıstomers: List of the customers that did the highest order value during the selected period.

  • Best Sellers: Top ordered items

  • Worst Sellers: least ordered items

  • Most Viewed Items: Top items clicked or viewed

  • Least Viewed Items: Least items clicked or viewed

Item Report:

  • Item Summary: A table that shows the total views as a normal item click or a part of the recommendations list of another item compared wit hthe sales quantity and the total revenue for that item.

  • Modifier Summary: A table that shows the Sale quantity and revenue of each modifier in your modifiers groups.

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