The “Reports” tab of your dashboard gives you an overview of the day-to-day operation of your establishment through numbers, graphs, and lists. Enjoy a personalized way to see the range of dates on your reports. Depending on your need, you can do it daily, weekly, monthly, or on a custom date of your choosing. The “Reports” tab shows the following:


  • Revenue: This shows the revenue

  • Orders: This shows the number of orders

  • Customers: This shows the number of customers

  • Feedback: Shows the number of customer feedback

  • Items Served: This shows the number of items served

  • Average Order Size: This shows the average ticket size of the submitted orders

  • Sessions: This shows the number of sessions you have

  • Best day: This shows the day where there are the most orders


  • Order Types -There are three order types: dine-In, pick-up, and delivery. This graph enumerates how many orders are under each type and gives you a total number of orders for all three.

  • Revenue- This graph shows the revenue per order type and the total revenue of all three types.

  • Visitor Density- This graph shows the number of visits your menu has per day, at specific hours of the day.

  • Revenue Share by Section - This shows the total revenue a specific section of your menu has generated.

  • Revenue Share by Items: This shows the total revenue a specific item in your menu has generated.


  • Best Sellers

  • Worst Sellers

  • Most Viewed Items

  • Least Viewed Items

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