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Taking orders from your menu
Taking orders from your menu

Creating a ticket to activate the "add" & "cart" buttons and using the ordering feature

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The Ordering Feature helps you collect orders from your guests more efficiently and quickly. You can enable/disable this function entirely or partially based on how you want to utilize your menu.

Select the product you wish to take orders from and learn more about how to enable the ordering feature from the below links:


There are two essential functions of FineDine to make Order Management easier:

  • You can give your employees IDs and pin codes when tracking orders. Inside the Venue information tab, there is a "Staff" section to register all your employees; the pin codes will follow that employee’s performance and service. Similarly, from the Tables section, you can give names and IDs to your tables to easily track the turnover and orders of each table.

  • Manage your orders from the Orders page.

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