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QR Dine-in Ordering Settings
QR Dine-in Ordering Settings

Configure your QR menu to take Dine-in orders the way you like.

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The ordering settings of the QR dine-in menu will allow you to configure your menu process the way you wish it to be.
Each table in the system has a unique QR code that allows the customers to scan it and submit orders from their phones directly. To enable the feature, you should first visit the Ordering Settings>Dine-in QR tab.

What is the best QR Dine-in ordering mode for my business?

You can choose between two main ordering modes, depending on your business.

  • Quick Service - A separate ticket is created in FineDine Dashboard for each new order, even if it comes from the same table. With the online payment integration activated, this will allow you to collect payments before the order is submitted from the menu. (Most suitable POS integration)

  • Full Service - Your guests’ ticket remains open until you close it from the dashboard. New orders are collected on the same ticket, and guests can make an online payment when leaving with the online payment integration.

How to collect information from the customer before submitting an order from the table?

Customer Form will allow you to collect information from your customer before they submit their orders. The form consists of "Name", "Email" and "Phone Number". The phone number field is mandatory to be filled as it is a unique indicator of the customer. Name and Email fields can be set to be mandatory or optional depending on your personal preferences and the type of information you wish to collect from your customers.

Payment Types

Here you will be able to select the options of payments you accept before the order is submitted. You can disable or enable all/any of the payment options to allow the customer to select the preferred payment method they want.

Please note that the Online Payment option will only be activated through an active integration with an online payment gateway.

How to collect tips from your QR Dine-in customers?

Activating the Accept Tip option will display a field for the customer to select a tip amount to be added to the bill before they submit the order.

How to set up my Dine-in working hours?

The Operating Hours tab will allow you to set the day and time periods when you accept orders. Customers accessing your menu outside your working hours will be able to submit orders at that time.

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