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Tablet Menu Ordering Settings
Tablet Menu Ordering Settings

Set up your tablet menu ordering process to be compatible with your operation.

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The Order Feature helps you collect orders from your guests more efficiently and easily. You can enable/disable this function completely or partially based on how you want to utilize your tablet menu. Before you start configuring your order

It is important to add your Staff members (Waiters) and Tables from the Venue Information page.

Ordering Modes

FineDine offers 3 order modes to fit your needs. Read more

Payment Types

Here you will be able to select the options of payments you accept before the order is submitted. You can disable or enable all/any of the payment options to allow the customer to select the preferred payment method they want.

Please note that the Online Payment option will only be activated through an active integration with an online payment gateway.

Order Submission

Order submission can be done either by the Waiter or by the customer.

  1. Customer: If the order submission is set to be done by the customer, then the customer will see an "Order Submit" button when they go to the cart page and they can submit their order from there.

  2. Waiter: If the order submission is set to be done by the waiter, then the flow will be as follows

    1. Customers add what they wish to order to the Cart

    2. The waiter takes the tablet and enters the Cart page

    3. The waiter taps 3 times on the table number at the top of the page

    4. Waiter enters their special pin code and submits the order

Table Selection

Selecting the table where the customer is sitting and will be submitting orders can be done from two selections

  1. Customer: Customers will be shown a list of all the available tables in the system and they will be asked to choose the tables they wish to submit the order from.

  2. Waiter: When the Tablet Selection is set to be done by the waiter then the flow will be as follows

    1. The waiter taps 3 times on the FineDine logo on the main menu page.

    2. The waiter is asked to enter their Pincode

    3. The waiter will enter the Pincode and select "Tickets" and they will either create a new ticket for new customers or they can select an opened ticket for customers who already ordered before but wish to order again and add new items to their existing ticket. Read more

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