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Configure your delivery and Pick up settings for your business

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FineDine allows you to configure your Delivery and Pick-up ordering to set an ordering experience for the customer exactly how you intend it to be.
The QR code or the menu link on the "QR Code" page will allow your customers to access the menu and submit orders.

The email field on this page will allow the orders email notification to be redirected to the email address you add in this field, rather than sending them to the account's email address.

How to set your payment options on check out page?

From the Payment Types section, you will be able to select the options of payments you accept before the order is submitted. You can disable or enable all/any of the payment options to allow the customer to select the preferred payment method they want.

Please note that the Online Payment option will only be activated through an active integration with an online payment gateway.

How to take Delivery/Pick up tips from the Menu?

Activating the Accept Tip option will display a field for the customer to select a tip amount to be added to the bill before they submit the order.

How to set delivery charges and minimum order amounts?

Setting a Delivery Charge will apply a default rate to be added to all Delivery orders submitted from the menu. While setting a Minimum Order Amount will prevent the customers from being able to submit orders that are under your preferred limit amount.

How to allow customers to order days ahead?

Your Preparation Time will set the minimum amount of time you need before delivering the order. This will set the minimum ordering time limit the customers can choose from. Enabling the "Future Ordering" feature will allow the customers to submit orders days ahead of time and you can set up the limit for how many days in the future they can select before submitting the order.

How to set up my Delivery/Pick up working hours?

The Operating Hours tab will allow you to set the day and time periods when you accept orders. Customers accessing your menu outside your working hours will be able to submit orders at that time.

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