Configure the system to be match your business profile and how you operate

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From the operations page, you are able to add information about your business, service centers (Tables, Rooms..etc), staff members, and many more configurations that will allow the business to function in a way that matches how your operation operates.

This page includes:

  • Tables: The service areas (Like your Terrace and inside areas) and the revenue centers of your business, like your tables, rooms, sunbeds, villas..etc. Read More.

  • Staff: This tab will allow you to add your staff members and give them special PIN codes to be used when using the Tablet menu or the Waiter mode. Read More

  • Extra Charges: You can apply discounts, service charges, or even any kind of taxes to the checkouts. Read More.

  • Service Options: This tab will allow you to show a button on the QR menu or the Tabelt menu that the customers will use to send you special requests like "Calling the waiter" or "Room Service". Read More

  • Device Management: When you log in from a new tablet device, it is automatically reflected on this page with the related information, such as; OS and App Version, to distinguish and define the outdated tablets.
    You can ring or remove the devices from here as well!

    And by clicking on the "Connect a Device" button, a pop up page will appear showing the information you need to log in to your Tablet menu.

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