Your menu link can help your customers to reach, preview and even order from your menu!
Menu links can be shared on your website and even on social media easily!

QR Code for Delivery/Pick-up Orders:

The QR codes for the Delivery and pick-up orders can be found on the App Configurations > Delivery/Pick Up page.

QR Codes for Dine-in Orders:

From The App Configurations page of the QR dine-in product, you will be able to obtain:

  • A Sample QR code that can be used as a Menu Display only without any ordering functionality.

  • Table QR Codes: Each table added to FineDine system will have a unique QR code that will allow identifying where the order is coming from. If you have already entered the tables into the system, you will be able to find a "Download Table QR Codes" button on this page to obtain the special codes for your tables.

How to Display the Menu on Your Website

To display your menu on your website, you can use this link to embed it on an image or even on an Iframe; you can contact your Web Designer for this action.

*Note that links are only available for Dine-In QR Menu and Delivery & Pick Up menu.

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