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How to integrate FineDine with a POS
How to integrate FineDine with a POS

The POS integration process with your menu

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FineDine is integrated with the world’s leading POS systems including Foodics, POSitouch, Brink, Squirrel, Dinerware, Maitre’D, Simphony, EPOS Now, Clover, POSRocket, and Revel.

The integration with the POS systems will allow the orders to be passed to your POS system automatically. Your menu should be built on the FineDine system first before you start the integration process and when the integration is activated.

The below information will be imported directly from the POS system:

  • Item Names, Descriptions, and Price

  • Modifiers

  • Tables

  • Staff members (Waiters)

Steps to activate the integration with POS systems:

  1. Go to the "Marketplace" page and find your POS. Click on “Configure” for your integration to view and manage the details of your integration.

  2. Open the Settings tab.

  3. Sync Settings in order to transfer your information on your POS to FineDine. This is mandatory for the integration to work. (You can also confirm the selected branch of the POS system you are connecting to from this page as well)

  4. Go to the "Sync Menu" tap and sync your Menu on FineDine with the items you have on your POS. This is mandatory for the integration to work.

    1. Sync by Menu: (Only available for a few systems) This functionality will allow you to import your menu from the POS system directly (Will create it as a new menu), which is helpful if you do not have the menu created in FineDine already.

    2. Sync by Item: Link each item in FineDine system to an item on your POS; if you have done changes to an item's Name, Price, Description, or assigned modifier, then the same item should be updated here by clicking the "Update" button of that item/items to be displayed correctly on the Menu.

If you're using a different POS system than the ones listed above, just contact us at

Please keep in mind that some of the POS integrations are charged separately from the FineDine plans. Those systems have the price directly stated on them on the integrations page.

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