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Which Tablet Menu ordering mode is best for my business?
Which Tablet Menu ordering mode is best for my business?
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The tablet menu ordering settings page allows you to select the best ordering mode according to your operation style:

FineDine’s full-service ordering mode allows you to create tickets for your guests to place orders from the app. This is the best way to manage a few tables with the same tablet or if you want to keep your tablets mobile at the restaurant.

The waiter can simply select a table from the app and guests can easily submit their orders from that table. Table selection can also be done by guests at the checkout according to how you want to use the feature!

Order submission can be done either by the guest or the waiter as well. You can give access to all guests to place their orders from the tablet and submit all details to the kitchen. OR you can simply give your waiters a Pincode to submit orders. This way, guests can select what they want to order on the app and the waiter can review & submit the order. Read more on how to create a ticket on the tablet menu.

The tabletop model works best with tablets assigned to a specific table. You could mount tablets to your tables, activate the Tabletop Mode & sit back! Guests can place their orders from the automatically assigned tablet and all information will be sent to the control panel directly.

The tickets can be managed from the control panel and the FineDine app will be ready for the next guest to order once the ticket is closed from the control panel. Read more on how to assign tables to certain tablets.

The kiosk mode is perfect for QSR or booths! The app automatically creates a new ticket and a ticket number for each guest to submit their order. You can keep track of all orders with their ticket number and make sure all customers receive exactly what they ordered.

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