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How to integrate FineDine with thermal printers
How to integrate FineDine with thermal printers

The kitchen/bar printer integration process with your menu

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FineDine integrates with your thermal printers that have ESC/POS command support, Ethernet, and USB. You can have multiple printers integrated if you want to send specific orders to specific printers. The printer integration is charged monthly separately from the subscription.

In order to integrate your printers to FineDine, you need to activate the printer integration from the Marketplace page on the control panel.

Please keep in mind that the Print Server program should be open and running on a computer that is connected to the same network as the printers. If you close the program or the computer, the connection will be lost and integration will not work.

Each thermal printer has its own driver and it should be downloaded on your computer.

For Mac:
Go to "System Preferences" on your computer and select "Printers". Click "Add Printer" and select "TCP/IP".

For Windows:
Go to "Control Panel" on your computer and select "Devices and Printers". Click "Add Printer" and select "TCP/IP".

Write down the IP address of the printer and give the printer a name. If you don't know the IP address, you can check the manual of the printer. If you don't see the printer on the list here, search for the driver online, download, and install as instructed. When the setup is complete, go to the Control Panel/System Preferences and add the printer using the IP address.

Once you request an integration, we send you your credentials to log in to the Print Server Program. Go back to the Integrations page, select the printer integration, and download the application for Mac or Windows. Install the application on your computer and check the "Printers" tab. Here, you should see all the printers that are connected to your computer. If you cannot see the printer you wish to use, please install the driver for that printer first as instructed above.

After the driver is set up, open the Print Server Program and check the "Printers" tab again. Check the box next to the thermal printers you want to use.

The default printing backend should be "Engine6" for Windows and "Engine5" for Mac.

After you select the printer on the Print Server Program, you can sync your printers and start printing orders. Go to the Integrations page on the FineDine control panel and check if the printer is visible there. Click the "SYNC" button on the printer's page. Now you have successfully synced the printer from your computer to FineDine. Click "Set As Default" if this is the only printer you're planning to use or if you would like this to be the main printer to print bills.


Each printer can be configured to assign the desired font size and the margin of all the printed tickets, you can click on the configure button for each printer and check the below picture for your reference to the settings you can configure.

You can use multiple printers to print orders. Items on your menu can be assigned to certain printers. Set up all the drivers for your printers as explained above and sync them all on the FineDine control panel. Select one printer to be the default.

Go back to your menu and find the section/item you want to assign a specific printer to. Click "Edit" on the section/item and you'll see the printer options there. Choose the printer that should receive the order for this section/item and save it from the bottom of the page.

Please note that choosing the printer of a section will override the printer selected for the items inside that section.

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