How can I integrate FineDine with my POS? How can I integrate FineDine with my thermal printers?

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FineDine integrates with your POS Systems, printers, and Payment Gateways for seamless Order and payment management from the menu. You can select the system you wish to integrate with, and then click the connect button to start the process of activating the integration.

POS system integrations will allow your orders to be forwarded automatically to your POS system after the orders have been submitted by the customers through our menu.

Payment gateway integrations will allow you to provide a very simple payment option for your customers to pay the amount of their order before they submit it.

The current POS integrations are with Foodics, POSitouch, InfoGenesis, Brink, Squirrel, Dinerware, and Maitre’D, Simphony, EPOS Now. Read more.

FineDine is integrated with all thermal printers that have ESC/POS command support, Ethernet, and USB. Read more.

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