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How to Use "Ingredient Warnings"?
How to Use "Ingredient Warnings"?

Ingredient & Allergen Warnings for your menu

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As a requirement of health regulations or to inform your guests regarding the ingredients of your dishes, you can add labels to your menu.

FineDine has over 40 ingredient warnings including lactose, gluten, pork, eggs, seafood, organic, mustard, etc. In addition to those; you can also mark your dishes as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or halal for guests with specific preferences.

Ingredient Warnings on Menu

Adding an Ingredient Warning to Your Menu

  1. Click on the item that you want to add a Warning

  2. Click on the Ingredient Warnings bar and pick the ones you would like to add

  3. Save your changes!

How to add an Ingredient Warning?

*If the ingredient you're looking for is not on our list, you can contact us from our chat inside the Dashboard.

*By default Ingredient Warnings will be viewed without their descriptions but It can be changed anytime from the Design page

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