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All you need to know on how to manage your Menu information

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This page will allow you to manage your menu content from sections and items to modifiers. Below, you can see more details about what kind of information you can manage in each tab.


Create and Manage Menu information

From the Menu tab, you can create a new menu by importing them from Excel files or starting adding your sections and items from scratch. See more on how to create and manage your menu information

After the menu is built, you will be able to manage the menu information and modify it to keep your menu up to date, especially with the Bulk Price Edit feature, where you will be able to edit all the menu prices with a few clicks.

Visibility and Availability

When you have already created a menu, click on the settings icon at the right side of the "Edit Menu" button. A window would appear which has the visibility and availability tab. See more details on the Availability and Visibility feature


These are the add-ons that customers can add after choosing an item on your menu. (ex. Extra cheese, onions, extra sauces, etc.). To know how to add a modifier group and modifiers to your menu, click here.


This tab includes all the menus that you have deleted before to give you the ability to restore them back when needed.

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