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What are the differences between various Tablet menu structures?
What are the differences between various Tablet menu structures?

A guide to show in details the different structure available for the tablet menu

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The tablet menu allows you to choose from 3 different structures for your Menu, allowing you the ability to provide your dishes in a way that suits your menu content and your customers.

Infinite Scroll

The infinite scroll layout allows you to offer a smooth experience to your guests. The entire menu is displayed on the same page and you can simply scroll down and browse. All sections are also displayed at the top bar so you can select the section you want to view from there as well.

Classic Layout

The classic layout displays the sections in a grid view and you can enter each section to view what’s inside.

  • Create themes and adjust colors as well as background images.

 Check the Design Color Guide to adjust colors correctly.

  • Change/remove the menu button.

After you enter the theme edit page, the menu button can be either displayed or hidden from the main screen. The text on the menu button can also be changed and you can localize the text from this screen. The button shape can be “pill” or “round” depending on which one suits your design better. If you would like to hide the button from the screen, simply turn the “Show Button” toggle off. This will make the screen touchable anywhere to enter the menu.

Once you have created and saved a theme you like, simply activate the theme you want to publish. If there’s anything you don’t like after publishing, you can go back to Design and edit any details you want to change.

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