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The Order Feature helps you collect orders from your guests more efficiently and easily. You can enable/disable this function completely or partially based on how you want to utilize your menu. Read More

Orders received from your customers will all be collected and displayed on this page. You will find your Dine-in, Delivery, and Pick-up orders all displayed here with the ability to filter the type of order you wish to focus on from the "Type" column.

Each order received has functional buttons on the right to allow quick management of the order info:

  • Change Tabel: A special button for Dine-in orders to allow changing the table the order was submitted from in case the customer has moved to a different table and the ticket is supposed to be updated.

  • Change Status: All orders, when first received, are set to be on the "Waiting Approval" state but this can be modified in a way to allow a better follow-up on each order's status.

  • Delete: to delete the order completely.

  • More Details: This button will allow the order ticket to expand and show all the order details.

    At the top of the page, you will find 3 main tabs for order status.

    • Live: Shows all orders with all their different status except if they get closed.

    • Closed: Shows only closed orders

    • Archived: Shows only orders that have been deleted

How to close a ticket?

When an order is received, you will see it both in the “Dashboard” and “Orders“ tabs. To close a ticket, you can click it change the status of the order to "Closed" and that will be enough.

Taking orders through the menu will allow you to get great insight into your products and how they are doing. Our Reports page will have great information that will help you to modify your menu in a way that suits your customers and their preferences.

You can also export all data of your orders as a CSV file and create your own customized reports.

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