The Order Feature helps you collect orders from your guests more efficiently and easily. You can enable/disable this function completely or partially based on how you want to utilize your tablet menu.

Click on the horizontal 3 dots and go to App Config in the control panel. There you will see the “Order Enabled” option. If you enable the order function, you can also choose whether the orders will remain on the Finedine Menu application as a list, or will be sent to the panel directly by your guests.

If you would like to collect orders manually, you should turn “Order Enabled” on and “Order Submit Enabled” off. This way, your guests can add the items they want to order in their cart and the waiter would collect these. If “Order Submit Enabled” is also on, your guests will be able to place orders through the tablets and they will be sent to the Menu Control Panel. If you enable “Return to Homepage After Submission” the app will automatically return to the homepage when a ticket is submitted. If not, the menu will stay open.

There are 2 basic functions of Finedine Menu to make Order Management easier. You can give your employees IDs and pin codes to be used when tracking orders. Inside the Order Management tab, there is an Employees section where you can register all your employees. The pin codes will be used to track that employee’s performance and service. Similarly, from the Tables section, you can give names and IDs to your tables to track the turnover and orders of each table easily.

When an order is received, you will see it both in “Dashboard” and “Orders“ in the Menu Control Panel. From Orders, you can view your tickets and mark them as new, ready or cancelled with the buttons on the top. To close a ticket, you can simply click on "Checkout" and confirm the amonut to be billed. See how to configure checkout options here

If you prefer to see orders in detail, simply click on the “Detail” button, there you will see the list of items and comments from your guests. All orders can also be exported as a CSV file.

If the Order function is enabled, a ticket should be created first in order to receive orders. Tap 3 times on the Finedine logo and select "Tickets". From the next screen you can create a ticket which will be reflected in the control panel when an order is placed by a customer. If the same customer wants to make a new order to the same bill, the waiter can select the existing ticket from the tablet before handing the tablet menu to the customer and the new orders will be added to the same ticket.

If you have an employee registered on the system, the app will ask for a pincode. This is for you to track whch employee served which table and order. The waiter can enter their designated pincode and create a ticket. If you don't have employees registered, the system will not ask for a pincode.

To open tickets faster, you can register your tables from the control panel as well and you'll see the list of your tables on the ticket screen.

To change the employee/table for a new order, you can tap the Finedine logo 3 times and create a new ticket.

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