The Venue Profile screen on the app is designed for the employees to check and update the menu without having to log in to the control panel. You can access this screen by tapping 3 times on the finedine logo at the bottom of the homepage.

If you've registered employees, they can access th page by entering their pincodes. We always encourage to register at least 1 employee on the system and set a pincode in order to make the app more secure.

On this screen you can;
-Log out from your account in order to remove the device from your list or log into another venue.
-Refresh the menu to upload the latest updates you've made on the control panel manually. You can see the latest time you've made an update on this screen.
-See the active order mode on your account. This section is simply to provide information and the order mode cannot be changed here. The change must be done over the control panel and then you can see the mode on the app. Check all order modes here to pick the best one for you.
-Get help from the help center by searching for answer from inside the app.
-Configure device settings such as the kiosk mode, wifi connection and screen brightness.

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