As health regulations and certain food preference increse, your guests want to make sure what they're eating goes hand in hand with their diet. This is why we have an Ingredient Warning function on FineDine.

We have over 40 ingredient warnings on FineDine including lactose, gluten, pork, eggs, seafood, organic, mustard etc.

You can also mark your dishes as "gluten free", "vegan", "vegetarian" or "halal" for guests with specific preferences.

To add a warning to your dish;
1-Go to Menus and find the item you want
2-Click on Edit for that item
3-Click on the Ingredient Warnings bar inside the edit page and pick the ones you want to display from the drop down list
4-Click UPDATE at the bottom of the page when you're done and publish changes to devices to see them in your menu.

If the ingredient you're looking for is not in our list, contact us at or write to us from our chat inside the control panel.

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