To display your pairings, offers and recommendations you can use the Recommended Items feature of Finedine Menu. It is possible to have endless recommendations to all the items in your menu. To see how cross selling is beneficial for your business, you can read more about it in our blog.

To add recommended items in your menu:

1-Go to Menus and find the item you want to work on.
2-Click on "Edit" on the item you want to add recommendations.
3-Fine the Recommended Items option, start typing the item you want to recommend and select it from the drop down menu.
4-Choose as many as you like and click save when you're done!

Recommended items are displayed at the bottom of each item detail page. So when guests enter an item’s page, they will see your recommendations below the information you’ve provided. If you have Order enabled, the recommendations will appear inside the cart to encourage purchase.

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