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Locking the tablet to restrict exit
Locking the tablet to restrict exit

How to make sure your guests can't close the app

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You can easily lock your devices if you don’t want your customers to  exit the menu. We strongly recommend using Guided Access for your own security.

To lock your menu on iPads:

  1. Open Settings from your iPad’s main screen.

  2. Enter “General”.

  3. Choose “Accessibility” on the right side.

  4. Activate “Guided Access"

  5. Enter "Passcode Settings" and set a passcode for guided access.

  6. Open the FineDine app.

  7. Click on the home button of your iPad 3 times. The home button is the only button on your iPad.

  8. Now tap “Start” on the top right corner and enter your passcode.

  9. You activated the Guided Access successfully.

To unlock your iPads:

  1. Click the home button 3 times, tap "End" and enter your Passcode.

To lock your menu on Android devices:

  1. Log out of your menu by tapping 3 times on the FineDine logo on the bottom.

  2. Tap Venue Profile.

  3. Enter "Settings" on the top right corner.

  4. Enable "Grant overlay permission" and "Enable usage access" by tapping on them.

  5. Tap on "Set default launcher" and select FineDine as "always".

  6. Activate the “Lock your menu” toggle.

To unlock your Android devices:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Disable the “Lock your menu” toggle.

  3. Tap on "Set default launcher" and select the tablet's launcher as "always".

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