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Design & Display Options

Modify the look and feel of your menu to reflect your brand

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On this page, you are able to modify the design and theme of your QR and Tablet menu so it can reflect your brand and match your operation to provide your customers with the best user experience.

  • QR Menu Design: All your menu colors (Background, Text, and Highlights) can be configured from this section. (Below is a photo that shows where these color fields are affecting your menu)

  • Tablet Menu Design: You can create customized themes and adjust your menu colors freely from this page. Learn More.

  • Calorie Unit- You can choose the type of calorie you want to display on your menu, which is between Cal and Kcal.

  • Display ingredient warning labels- This gives you the option to show the label describing the ingredient warning. You can easily turn it on and off through the switch that you see in the example below.

    Ingredient Warnings on Menu

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