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Tablet Menu Design
Tablet Menu Design

Set up your menu structure, orientation, and themes, and show your menu in a unique style.

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The Design page is the place where you set up your menu experience and themes to keep it unique and updated to always reflect your style and brand.

The Design page of the tablet menu allows you to set up your Tablet Menu Orientation and your Menu Structure where you will be able to have different options for how your customers will use your menu.


This section of the design page holds the different themes that you can create for your tablet menu. FineDine provides new themes regularly to allow your menu to always be up to date but you can also create your special customizable themes.

To customize the theme, click on the edit button, as shown in the picture below.

Adjust the theme information and menu button & background, and advanced colors however you like them. Check the Design Color Guide for more details.

When you are done save the changes and publish them to your devices!

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