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QR Codes

Get your QR codes for your QR menu and your Tablet menu and get your menu ready to be shared with your customers.

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The QR codes page includes the links and QR images that you will need to share your menu with your customers.

The page is divided into three tabs:

  • Dine-in QR: On this page, you can modify the colors of your QR Code and download a special QR code for Menu Display purposes only or the special codes of your tables that allow you to start taking orders from your Dine-in customers. Read More.

  • Delivery & Pick up: This tab includes the link and QR code that you will be able to share with your customers on social media or on flyers and allow them to view the menu and/or submit Delivery and Pick up orders from it. Read More.

  • Tablet: This page includes the QR code and Venue ID and Pin code information that is required to connect a new tablet device to your system and allow it to show your menu. Read More

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