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Converting the menu into a section
Converting the menu into a section

Change your menu into a section included in another menu

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This function allows you to switch your menu from being a separate one to being a part of a different menu.

Example: You have created 2 Menus, one is your Main Menu and another one for Drinks, but later on, you decided that your Drinks menu should be included in your Main Menu as one of its sections (Categories).

The way to do this would be very simple, it starts with clicking the "3 dots" button of the menu you wish to convert and selecting the "Convert to Section" option, where you will be asked to choose the menu you wish to move the new section to.

On the promoted page, you will decide if the Drinks menu will be included in the Main Menu as a Section or as a Sub Section (A sub-category that is included in a main category inside the Main Menu)

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