Price Editor tool allows you to edit multiple prices at once 🚀 It is perfect for the regular adjustments on your menu.

  • It can be reached within the "..." menu next to the relevant menu.

How to bulk edit your prices?

  1. You can select several items/sections or an entire menu depending on your need

  2. Selected prices can be:

    1. Set to a new amount

    2. Increased by an amount or percentage

    3. Decreased by an amount or percentage

  3. If you would like,

    1. No Rounding (ex. $13.45 --> $13.45)

    2. Round-Up (ex. $13.45 --> $14.00)

    3. Round-Down (ex. $13.45 --> $13.00)

    4. Round Nearest (ex. $13.45 --> $13.50)

    can be applied to the end price as well as the desired decimal value.

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