If you would like to take a print-out of your QR Code to present at your venue, it can be done in simple steps!

Delivery & Pick-up Menu

  1. Get to the Delivery & Pick Up page on your Dashboard.

  2. On the QR Settings tab, you can left-click on your QR Code and then right-click to have the "Save Image as" button.

  3. Clicking on "Save Image as" button will download your QR Code in PNG format, where it can be used to print and present on your venue easily 🚀

Dine-in QR Codes

  1. Go to Dine-in QR Menu app configurations > QR Settings page

  2. On this page, you would find a sample QR code or download the special QR codes of your tables that will allow your customers to scan and submit their Dine-in orders.

*"Save Image as" button may vary between different browsers as "Save as"

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