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What are "Grid view" and "List view" options on your Tablet Menu?
What are "Grid view" and "List view" options on your Tablet Menu?

This article will give you a better understanding of the Grid and List view options you have on your Tablet menu.

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Grid View:
The Grid View is the default format of the menu, where you can display items in your menu as cards with images listed in a grid format as columns and rows that can be modified. The picture below shows an example of a 4 columns item card display.

List View:
The ListView is for when you don't want to use images for each item. This option displays your items as a simple list with their name, description, and picture if available. This display mode is most suitable for displaying items without pictures or if the picture of the item is not very important, like water and soft drinks pictures.

You can switch between these for any section by clicking the Edit button for this section.

Then there's a window that will appear; you need to go to Detail, then choose how you want this section to be shown on your Table Menu, and don't forget to click Save!

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