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How can I import the Menu from an Excel file?
How can I import the Menu from an Excel file?
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FineDine systems allow importing the menu from an excel file if it was created in a certain format. A template of the file can be downloaded when you initiate the process by clicking on the "Create a Menu" button inside the Menu Management page.

This option will allow you to download a template of the Excel import file that you can fill with your own menu information (Sections and Items) and then uploaded back to the system to confirm and finalize the process.

The excel template file you will download will be prefilled with example information for sections and subsections and items.

In the Section sheet you can find section names entered on the left with description and a column called "Parent" to decide if this is a subsection inside a different section, For Example, "Hot Drinks" would be a subsection under the main section called "Drinks" and that why when you add the "Hot Drinks" section, you will select "Drinks" as your parent section.

The same concept can be applied for the Items sheet where you can decide where these items will be under by selecting the section you wish to add them in. Price options can be left empty if you don't wish to include this date in your menu after import. For example, if the item only has 1 price option, in this case, "2.Price" info can be left empty

After you upload back the file to the system, you will see a page where it will show you the structure in which the menu will be imported and you can modify the file and upload it again if you spot any issues in the menu section/item tree.

In this step, the system will ask you if you would like to add a translation to your imported menu. After selecting the languages you would like the menu to be translated in, the system will create a new Excel file where you will be able to add the translations of your menu.

Make sure you do not change the original menu information and the ID of the items and sections in the rows!

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