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How to personalize your menu to reflect your brand?
How to personalize your menu to reflect your brand?

This is a detailed guide on how to customize the themes, background images, logo and menu structure of your menu.

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You can change the text and background colors of your Menu to create your look. There are 3 main steps to creating your own look on FineDine.

1- Insert Your Logo
2- Change The Design
3- Upload Photos
for your dishes and categories.

1- Insert Your Logo:

You can insert your restaurant's logo to make your Menu become a part of your restaurant and reflect who you are. You can do that from Settings>Venue Information page.

2- Change the Design

You can change the menu design that is displayed on your QR menu or your Tablet menu from the "Design and Display" page.

QR Menu

All your menu colors (Background, Text, and Highlights) can be configured from this page.

Tablet Menu:

  1. Choose Tablet Menu under the "Design & Display" page on the dashboard.

  2. From here, you can decide the screen orientation and menu structure that suits you. (Your tablet menu can either be displayed in portrait or landscape mode. The orientation will not change as you turn the tablet sideways and can only be set from here.)

  3. From the Theme option, you can add a new one or use the standard one we have. To customize the theme, click on the edit button, as shown in the picture below.

  1. Insert background images for the welcome and menu screen. You can also use a video for the welcome screen to give your Menu a more dynamic look.

  2. Adjust the theme information and "menu button" & and "background", and "advanced colors" however you like them. Check the Design Color Guide for more details.

  3. Save the changes and publish them to your devices!

3- Upload Photos To Your Menu:

Please follow the following steps to upload photos of your dishes.

  1. Go to Menu Management and click on the "Edit Menu" button to enter your Menu and view the sections and items.

  2. Add a photo to the section of your dishes by clicking on the section/item name, uploading an image, and then clicking save.

  3. Save the changes and publish them to your devices!

If you choose the Classic View menu structure, it would be possible for you to modify how to display the first page in the Menu where the sections are displayed as folders. You can change the display type or the number of columns in your Menu by clicking on the menu settings icon next to the "Menu Edit" button.

Select "Customize View" and change the "number of columns" or "display type" from "Grid" to "List" if you have a long description for the section that you want to display in

full or if you have your Menu built without any sections where only items are available in your Menu, and they don't have photos to show.

You can also change the display type or the number of columns in each section separately by clicking on the section and then going to "detail" to change the "number of columns" or "display type."

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