If you upload an image and it's not showing on the tablet, there are a few things to check.

1-Can you see the image correctly on the control panel?
After you upload the image, it needs some time loading. Sometimes when the image is not uploaded correctly it may not appear on the tablet. If you can't see the image on the control panel, you cannot see it on the tablet. At this point, the best thing to do is to check the internet connection and try uploading again.

2-Did you SAVE the image?
If you're uploading the image by browsing it from inside the Item Detail page, you should click SAVE at the end of the page whenever you make a change. If you don't save, it will not be reflected on the tablet. Make sure to click SAVE after you're done working.

3-Images appear incorrectly
If the image you upload appears incorrectly, the size may be off. Check our guide here for the best image sizes. Please keep in mind that the maximum file size to upload is 10 MB.

4-Publish Changes to Devices
For a change to be reflected on the tablet, you need to publish it. Click "Publish Changes" at the top of the screen in the control penal. If your tablets do not refresh when you do this, check your internet connection.

If it's not working despite having a working internet connection, try tapping 3 times on the Finedine logo on the tablet, select "Venue Profile" and tap SYNC. This will manually update your menu and all the changes you've made.

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