FineDine is integrated with the world’s leading POS systems including Micros, Foodics, POSitouch, Brink, Squirrel, Dinerware, Maitre’D, Simphony, EPOS Now, Clover, POSRocket and Revel.

If you're using one of the POS systems listed above, click the horizontal 3 dots inside the control panel and select Integrations on the list. Then connect to the integration you want to apply and we will contact you.

Next thing to do is to contact your POS provider in order to register on their system. After it’s done, we complete the process on our side to sync your account information with FineDine.

In order to use the integration smoothly, we suggest to register employees and tables to the FineDine control panel so that it is clear which order is coming from which table. This can be done and managed from Orders. If you already inserted your tables and employees, you need to sync this information to your POS in order for the tickets to be processed correctly. 

To complete the integration process, you need to match the items on your POS to the items on your menu on FineDine from Integrations. 

1-Go to the "Integration" page and find your POS. Click on “Configure” for your integration to view and manage the details of your integration.
2-Open the Sync tab.
3-Sync Settings in order to transfer your information on your POS to FineDine. This is mandatory for the integration to work.
4-Sync your current open tickets to transfer them to your POS immediately. This is optional and a one time action.

5-Sync your Menu on FineDine with the items you have on your POS. This is mandatory for the integration to work. Link each item to an item on your POS and the prices you have on FineDine will be updayed to the prices on your POS.  If you change a price of an item in the future, it should be updated here as well, to be displayed correctly on the tickets.

If you're using a different POS system than the ones listed above, just contact us at

Please keep in mind that the POS integration is charged seperately from the basic manu functions. Check our pricing page for the details!

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