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Role Management

Create special users with limited permissions or access to prevent unauthorized changes.

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In some cases, you might want to limit the access of some users to prevent them from changing anything on the menu without approval from the higher management, or you might want to give the menu for some to translate into a different language but you don't want them to have access to all parts of the system, and here's where this feature comes in handy. With the Role Management functionality, you will be able to create role profiles and add users with special limitations as you wish.

To access the Teams page, you first need to go to your account settings page as shown in the below photo

After you have accessed the "Teams" page you will be able now to create a new user from the "Invite User" button at the top right corner.

After clicking on this button a pop-up page will appear to promote you entering the required information of that new user. The default role for new users is the "Admin" role which provides full access to the system and all its pages.

If you wish to limit the access of the user for any page on the system then you can go ahead and click on the "Create New Role" button which will take you directly to the role creation pop-up page where you can enter the Name, description, the venues that role will allow access to and the existing user you already created that you wish you apply this role to (This step can be skipped for now if you haven't added the user yet). (The below photo shows an example of how the field can be filled)

After you have added the role you should now go to the settings page to start configuring all the permissions you wish the user to have.

In the settings page, you will see taps at the top that represent all the accessible pages on the control panel, you start with the "Account Settings" and the ability for the user to see invoices for example, or modify subscriptions and then you can see the Venue dashboard tab which contains all the main control panel pages and you can allow access to the entire page or a part of it with the toggle button you see next the name of any section you are currently viewing. Each section on these pages has specific permissions where:

  • Read: means that the user can see the information available in this part of the page

  • Create: gives the ability to add a new item to the page (Like adding a new item or a section to the menu)

  • Update: allows only updating the settings or the information in that page but not the ability to add anything new there.

  • Delete: which represents the ability to delete something on that page.

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