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Set up your reservation system exactly how you want it to ensure a seamless operation.

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FineDine Reserve makes managing restaurant reservations easy. It's a one-stop platform, whether you're booking online or in person. With its user-friendly interface, you can handle bookings effortlessly. Plus, it optimizes table allocation to reduce wait times and ensure guests are seated comfortably. Accurate reservations mean less waiting and better service. With FineDine Reserve, you can easily schedule staff to match reservation demands, ensuring top-notch service every time.

First of all, in order to use this feature you will need to make sure that you enable the feature from your Reservation Settings>Settings tab.

Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to see the new "Make Reservation" button available on your QR menu.

Settings Tab

  • Email addresses: This field allows you to enter one or more email addresses to receive notifications of the reservations made.

  • Enable Online Cancellation: Enabling this allows the customer to do the reservation cancellation on their own. The following steps show the flow of how this cancelation process is done for a customer that already has sent a reservation request from the QR menu while they were logged in to their account before:

    1. The Customer taps on the "My Account" button from the QR menu's main page.

    2. The Customer taps the "Reservations" button

    3. The Customer taps the reservation that they wish to cancel

    4. The Customer taps the ‘Cancel Reservation’ button

    5. The Customer taps the ‘Yes, Cancel Reservation’ button

    The video below shows the cancelation process from a customer's perspective

  • Cancellation Period: The field determines the period of time the customer is allowed to do a reservation cancelation.

  • Enable Area Selection: This feature if enabled, shows the customer the option to select the area where the table they wish to reserve is located. These areas can be set from the "Tables" page.

Time & Capacities

This page contains important configurations to determine the customer's ability to make a reservation in a way compatible with your operation.

  • Reservation hours: There are two options to set your reservation hours. It can either be the same as your “Operating hours” or you can set up custom hours that are different form your standard operating hours.

  • Duration & Time

    • Time Slot: From this field, you can set the period between two time-slots that the customer will need to choose from. For example, the photo below shows what the selections would look like for a 30-minute time slot.

    • Duration: You can set how much time the table will be blocked and not allow new reservations starting from the time it was reserved.

    • Minimum Time In Advance: The minimum time to make online reservations in advance. For example, if set to 1 hour and the time is 14:00, the earliest time a guest can make a booking will be 15:00.

    • Max Time In Advance: The maximum days guests can make online reservations in advance. For example, if it’s set to 1 week and the date is 19.02.2024, the latest time a customer can book will be 26.02.2024.


  • Max people on an online reservation: Maximum number of guests on a single online reservation.

  • Min people on an online reservation: Minimum number of guests on a single online reservation.

  • Above max note: Adds a message below the guest count selection field, The message is shown to direct contact info for large groups. (As shown in below photo)

Form Options

  • Required Customer Information: List of information to be collected from the guest to confirm the reservation.

  • Enable Reservation Tags: An optional information you can allow the customer to include in their reservation request to specify the theme of their booking.

  • Ask for Allergen Information: Enable this option to allow the customer to include their allergen information at the checkout page.

  • Add Custom Terms & Conditions: You can show your own terms & conditions. If you don't, our default terms & conditions are used.

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