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Tablet Menu Configurations

Set your tablet menu settings and designs to match your brand and operation style.

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On this page, you will be able to find the information you reqıire to manage your Tablet Menu's Devices, Design, and Ordering settings in a way that will allow you to configure your menu to match your brand and your operation process.


Where can I find my venue id and pin code?

On this page, you will be able to find the venue ID and Pin code information that you need to connect your tablet menu app to your account

FineDine Tablet Menu app can be found on the Google Play Store and Apple store. The app should be downloaded on tablet devices that meet the minimum requirements.

Info Page

Tell the story of your restaurant and show it on your tablet menu so that your customers can share your passion with every dish they order. Read more

Display Options

On this page, you are able to configure your calory and currency sign along with the language options of your menu. Read more

Design Page

This page will allow you to change the visual structure of your menu and allow you to set up different themes and designs for your menu. Read more

Service Options

This page will allow you to set up a list of requests for your customers to submit from their menu like "Call Waiter" or "Request Table Cleaning". Read more

Feedback Settings

The system allows you to take feedback from your customers by setting up feedback forms with your unique questions that will appear to your customers directly on the menu. Read more

Ordering Settings

This page will allow you to configure your ordering modes and settings to allow your customers to submit their orders directly from their tablet devices. Read more

Device Management

You can see all your registered devices below. When you log in from a new device it is automatically reflected on this page. You can remove devices from this list by deleting them. Clicking on the "Connect a Device" button will allow you to access the links to find the FineDine application on the application store of the tablet and the information you require to log in from the app.

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