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You can translate the menu, modifiers, surveys, and many more.

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The Translation Center is where you can translate the default language into different languages of your choice for over 40 languages, depending on your need. You can translate the menu, modifiers, surveys, and many more. Below is a short description of each of the tabs under the translation center. You can click on the tab names to see how to use every one of them.


Here is where you can customize the name of the menu, description, sections, and items in different languages. Read more


Under the Modifiers tab, you can edit the modifier group name and the name of each modifier using your preferred language. Read more


In the Survey tab, you can edit and translate the feedback or survey questionnaire to several languages of your preference. Read more


The Others tab allows you to edit and translate items not covered in the first three tabs, such as the Info Page, Service Options, Menu Button, and Venue Name. Read more

Important Note: Please note that only the Menu tab has the option to process an autotranslation for your menu. The auto-translate button is located just on the right side of the language name you wish to translate to. All other tabs would not translate themselves to your desired language. You need to input them yourself for a more accurate and detailed translation.

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