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How Does the Tablet Menu Work?
How Does the Tablet Menu Work?

Display your menu on Tablet devices for your Dine-in customers.

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FineDine Tablet Menu product is developed to work on the FineDine Tablet Menu App for both IOS and Android devices. The app is installed on tablet devices that meet the minimum requirements, then it can be connected to your account and handed out to the customers for browsing your menu, submitting orders, and even doing payments.

The Tablet Menu product is intended for Diners who are visiting your facility and would like to have the menu on a big screen to see all the information easily and much more clearly than a paper menu. Your beautiful high-quality dish pictures will capture the attention of your customers and increase their appetite for trying all your dishes, especially the ones that have a video showing how the dish was prepared.

Orders can also be submitted directly from the menu and we have special order modes that will allow you to configure the system in the most suitable way for your business.

How to start using the Tablet Menu?

FineDine Tablet Menu app can be found on the Google Play Store and Apple store. The app should be downloaded on tablet devices that meet the minimum requirements.

When the app is launched, it will require you to enter the Venu ID and the Pincode which can be found on the Credentials page.

After the app is connected to your account and finalizes the menu information download you will be ready to go.

Keep in mind:

  • The tablet menu requires an internet connection when it comes to taking orders but it can function offline if you are only intending to display your menu on the tablet device without taking orders or feedback from your customers.

  • FineDine tracks how the customers are using the menu to report them back to you on the reporting page, the tablet devices collect that info and wait until there's an internet connection to send them back to the database. Therefore, even with offline use, it would be better to have an internet connection available every now and then on the tablet devices to allow them to send those valuable data so you can learn which items are most clicked and viewed and which are not.

  • Changes are done on the control panel, like design changes or menu changes, are not reflected directly on the tablet menu devices, and instead, they require the changes to be published through a special "Publish Changes" button.

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