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How to use Modifier Groups?
How to use Modifier Groups?

How to add add-on groups and how to add them to your items.

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Some orders may require choices or add-ons such as main protein, condiments, and sides which will modify the order according to what the customer wants.

How to Add a Modifier Group

Firstly, you need to go to the "Modifers" tab which can be found under Menu Management in your dashboard.

To add a modifier group, you need to click on the "Add a modifier group" button to open a pop-up menu where you can start customizing your modifiers for your items. When you are done adding your modifiers to your group, you need to click the "Save" button to save your modifier group.

How do you add a modifier group to an item?

See below for the step-by-step instructions on adding your created modifier group to an item.

Step 1

Once you have created a modifier group for an item, go to "Menus," click on edit "Edit Menu" then look for the item you want to add the modifier group to.

Step 2

When you hover your mouse over your item, a pencil-like icon will appear, saying "edit" when you hover over it. Click on it to open a pop-up.

Step 3

Once the pop-up menu shows up, there should be a tab there that says "Modifier Options." From there, you can search the name of the modifier group you have created and add it.

Step 4

Once you add the modifier group to your item, you can set the minimum and the maximum number of modifiers your customer can order, and if it is required. When you have completed all fields in this item, you can click on the "Save" button. The modifier group would now appear on the item when your customer is ordering.

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