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How does the QR Menu work?
How does the QR Menu work?

Displaying your menu on mobile devices

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The QR Menu allows you to display your simplified menu on mobile devices without an app.

There are two types of orders that you can receive from the QR Menu, and they are divided as Dine-in Orders and Delivery & Pick-up orders.

Delivery & Pick-up Menu

The Delivery and pick-up orders can be received from customers by sharing the menu's link or QR code directly on your social media to allow customers to access your menu and submit their orders.

The menu's link and QR code are on the App Configurations> Delivery & Pick - up page.

Ordering can also be enabled from the Ordering Settings page, along with many more configurations.

Dine - in QR Menu

Dine-in orders can be taken from the customers by using special QR codes unique for each one of your tables. You can add your tables to the system and download the QR codes directly from your Tables page so that you can place the special QR codes on your tables and start taking orders.

The ordering feature can be enabled directly from the QR Dine-in App Configurations>Dine-in QR Menu>Ordering Settings page.

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