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How does the system work?
How does the system work?
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FineDine is a digital menu management platform where you can create a menu and display it on Tablet devices or QR codes. The web-based control panel will allow you to manage your menu information from any device through the browser. Any change you make on the control panel will instantly be reflected on your menu. When you sign up from our website, you're automatically directed to the control panel to start your 7-day free trial.

Here's what you can do on FineDine:

  • Create multiple menus and customize them to match your restaurant

  • Display images, videos, and other details about the items on your menu such as portion sizes, prices, ingredients, allergen warnings, prep time, etc.

  • Make changes instantly. You can add/remove items, change the theme of your menu, create new menus, and change images, details, and prices anytime, and they will be displayed immediately.

  • Collect data about your customers as they browse through your menu, such as Top Viewed Items, Daily Sales, Revenue Shares across sections, Average Ticket Size, etc.

  • Create surveys for your menu to get more and better feedback from your customers and improve their experience.

  • Track your customers' favorites and successful items on your menu and promote items of your choice to improve sales.

  • Display your menus in multiple languages so that you can serve all your customers easily.

  • Offer complementary products like side dishes or drinks to your guests and increase sales.

  • Take orders and online payments directly from the Menu to increase efficiency. You can also integrate your POS and printers to take orders faster.

  • Display ads on your menu to generate more profit.

  • Collect your customers' contact information, like their names and phone numbers, and use this valuable data to reach out again and build a strong relationship with them.

  • Increase your sales and revenue with our AI that identifies customer behavior and helps you take the best-educated action and improve your number.

    Choose the package that is most suitable for your operation, and check our pricing page for more details. Just to let you know, FineDine does not provide tablet devices.

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