The premium services offered by FineDine are additions to the standard plans. A premium subscription can only be annual. Pick the services you need for you subscription and we will build the perfect combination for you!

Menu Building Service
The menu building service covers the implementation of all menus to the system. Just send us all the content you want to see on your menu and we will upload them for you! We will also make sure that all the colors and the design fits your brand perfectly.

Customized Fonts
If there's a specific font that you would like to use on yoru menu, we can implement it for you! Please keep in mind that the font should be in TTF format to be applied on the app. Any other type of font will not be accepted and cannot be implemented. The character limit of the font will be reflected on the app exactly as it is provided. The font should be legally owned or royalty free, with the license to prove.

POS Integration
FineDine is integrated with the world’s leading POS systems including Micros, Foodics, NCR Aloha, POSitouch, InfoGenesis, Brink, Squirrel, Dinerware, and Maitre’D. If you’re currently using any of these, you can easily copy your menu from your POS to your tablet menu and all orders taken from the app will be sent to your POS directly. If you’re using another POS system, we’re always happy to improve our integrations. 

Kitchen Printer Integrations
The orders coming from the tablet menu are sent to the control panel and accessed from the web. If you’re using a thermal printer, they can also be sent directly to the kitchen by utilizing our printer integration. Finedine Menu is integrated with all thermal printers that have ESC/POS command support, Ethernet and USB.

Additional Tablets
Our standard plans cover the use of up to 50 tablets per venue. If you need a subscription for more than 50 tablets to be used at the same venue, we can work on a pricing just for that!

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