There are 2 ways you can use the Campaigns in Finedine Menu;

  1. Promote your own deals like “Today’s Special” 
  2. Advertise a Third Party’s Ads to generate additional revenue for your business.

To add an Ad or promotion to your menu, click on the horizontal 3 dots and go to Campaigns. Click on “+Campaign” to create one. You can activate more than one Ad at the same time.

You can set a “Name” and “Description” to your ad to make management easier. This name and description is for your view only and not visible to your guests.

There are two trigger options for campaigns:

  1. Time: A time based ad displays after a time interval you set for inactivity. E.g. if you select 5 seconds, the ad will open automatically whenever the menu is not touched for 5 seconds.
  2. Product: A product based ad displays when a certain item on your menu is opened. E.g. if you select “Cheeseburger” for an ad, it will be displayed whenever the item Hamburger is opened.

Both ads can be closed manually or automatically. If you enable the “Automatically End” option, the Ad will close after a time interval you decide. If you keep this option disabled, your guests can close the ad themselves.

You can have multiple Ads in your menu and Publish/Unpublish them anytime.

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