The Feedback Feature allows you to collect instant and valuable feedback from your guests, which you can use to improve your service and business.

To collect feedback from your guests on your tablets, click on the horizontal 3 dots on the control panel, go to App Config and enable the "Display Feedback Button".

You can also enter the email addresses that will receive the feedback results here.

To create a feedback form, go to “Feedback” and click “Survey Forms”. Here you will see a default form created by Finedine Menu. This form is published on the demo menu so that you can see what it looks like.

If you want to create you own, you can click “Add A Form” and enter questions and ratings for your guests based on the information you want to collect. You can publish any form you want and remove with the “Publish” button, and make changes by using the “Edit” function.

The three questions types you can use are Text, Smiley, Rating and Yes/No questions. If you make a question mandatory, the form will not be submitted unless the question is answered.

When your guests fill the feedback form in your menu app, you will receive the results as an email. Feedback messages are also visible both onthe control panel’s Dashboard and under "Feedback". If you want more another person to receive these feedback emails, you can add as many email addresses as you want from App Config.

You can view all received feedback in detail under "Feedback" and mark them as “open” or “closed” to take further action. All feedback can also be imported as a CSV file.

To see the survey result, the message and the contact information of your guest, simply click on the “Detail” button next to the feedback form.

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